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Current Pandora comp

Past Pandora competitons:

G.M. material I wrote for the sla-list
  1. The Psychological Triage Questionaire in PDF,
  2. The Pandora's box of Bio weaponry
    Inspirons for Biological weaponry in SLA.
  3. K.O.D.
    a kult infesting down tome in sue-WOP
  4. Death Raid 900 A sporting event to include in your wop.
  5. Soul destroying Architecture
    Maps and alike that can not be sent to the list because of band width problems.
  6. A & A Innovations
    Strange gadgets and non killing bits of technology produced by Andi's subsidiary company.
    They are always on the look out for new ideas. SO if you have an inventive squad
    Let me know.
  7. Ebon Glyphs and cultural observations
    Observation of Ebon glyphs how they are used and what they tell us about ebon culture.
  8. The Caverns
    A deep dark area of Mort for you to torment your squads with.
  9. Toys for the sla ops of tomorrow 1:Dressing up kits
  10. Toys for the sla ops of tomorrow 2:Action figures
  11. Daughters of Dionysus Something I wrote ages ago and found whilst wandering through the topica
  12. Repple Depple Depot weapons
  13. The Maths of SLA Industries game mechanics. The Law of diminishing returns in buying skills and other stuff I'll add as I get bored:)
  14. The Tao of Horror Gaming Sessions. Written as my contribution to my horror comp - Don't worry I wont let me win :)
  15. BPN's I wrote for comps etc.
  16. Fat Jacks Shack The perfect solution to shopping problems.
  17. Contract Campaign
  18. My SLA Idoru

  And stuff other people sent that has found a home here.
  1. Beasties section
  2. Matt Rose's BPN we were fighting over on the list
  3. James Cult of The Trinity Proving the nobel art of Satire is not dead in gaming.
  4. Soul destroying Architecture 2 Locations sent to the sla list by other people including the bar/night club comp entries.
  5. doobries!!!!

    Every thing you were afraid to ask, and a few doobrie related BPN's.
  6. Martin Wheeler's BPNs. Perfect for the night you discover one of your players just read all your notes. :)
  7. Dan Livengood's BPN
  8. Descendants of the dead. A conversation about orphans in sla and where they end up from the sla-list.
  9. andrewthotep's stuff including
    PTA (Progress Through Assassination). A novel little cult for your amusement by Andrewthotep the Destroyer
    and his ciggy trek BPN.
  10. Jack Crow aka Beryl's concepts. Including
    Helping hand, film trailer and shotgun modifications.
  11. Some very nice stuff from the wop of Jarrod Cornforth
  12. A glimpse into Chris Didonna's wop, and a link to his site.
  13. TV series trailers staring squads from the sla-list..
  14. Parody of songs to leak into your wop.
  15. Mr Scribblers Patterns in Pain
  16. Ryan MacPhial's Character building questions
  17. Brandon W. Dust's Cult of slayer
  18. Kal's guns

Truth stuff.

If you've been hanging around sla long you will have heard rumors of "The TRUTH."
In reality this is the writers bible for cannon wop, but thanks to the sla dark ages when nothing much was being published lots of people came up with their own 'truths'
This is a collection of these "Heresy"'s.